Foodie Dinosaur - Vampire



There is a legend in the Foodie Dinosaur Kingdom. Whenever the full moon was shrouded in thick fog, Vampire Foodie Dinosaur would appear and find out the most delicious cherry in the world. 🍒 Look at the little cherry on the back! The magnetic cherry can be picked up and sticked on the back. 😈 

 🍒Foodie Dinosaur - Vampire🍒
+Artist:  DogDogBengPeng
💰Price: HKD660

📌Size: ~15CM tall

*Each person could purchase max. 1 boxes
*Prototype was shown. Final product might be slightly different.
*Minor defects in coloring and watermarks are normal.
*TOYZEROPLUS reserves the right for final decision.
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About the Artist



Taiwanese illustrators who are good at drawing cute dinosaurs with fantasy colors. Collaborated with Toyzeroplus, they created this “Foodie Dinosaurs Blind Box series”, which each dinosaur are holding some signature Taiwanese food in hands, such as bubble tea, shaved ice, onigiri, etc. Moreover, they are packed in candy bags to imitate real candies’ packaging.

喜歡以糖果色調繪畫可愛的恐龍,他們是來自台灣的插畫師。 跟TOY0+合作創造了這套「吃貨恐龍盲抽系列」;每隻恐龍都手拿著台灣的著名小吃;例如有珍珠奶茶、刨冰、飯團... 還有就是牠們將以糖果紙包裝,仿製真實的糖果!