SOFTSTEEL Iron Daruma MINI Vol.1 Blind Box



TOYZEROPLUS is excited to introduce the new SOFTSTEEL Iron Daruma MINI Vol.1, bringing a fresh blind box experience for collectors and enthusiasts like you.

Each Daruma blind box holds a unique symbolic meaning. Through techniques such as glow-in-the-dark, translucent, and metallic finishes, each Daruma has its own distinct style. With carefully designed shapes and special details, they bring blessings and showcase individuality. Get ready to embrace the future and encounter the Daruma that truly represents you! ✨

🤖SOFTSTEEL Iron Daruma MINI Vol.1🤖
💰Price : HKD 414 (Set)
📌Size:90 X 70 X 70 mm
📅Available on : 1st February 2024 HKT 12:00PM
✨Designs: Contains 6 blind boxes in 1 whole set. Included 6 styles, the 6th style may have a chance to be a special/ secret edition.

*The styles inside SOFTSTEEL Iron Daruma MINI Vol.1 Blind Box are randomly packed, with one design per box and kept confidential until opened. The probability of regular style is "1:6," while the hidden style have a probability of "Small Hidden 5:192, Big Hidden 1:192".
*Prototype was shown. Final product might be slightly different.
*Minor defects in coloring and watermarks are normal.
*TOYZEROPLUS reserves the right for final decision.

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