Major Tom - Space Odyssey Edition


主場設計師Nattapong Atisup Thrilledtoy Factory繼早前推出的半透紫藍及幻彩金屬版本,準備為大家送上小太空人Major Tom的原配色 - 大空漫遊版本!👨🏻‍🚀🌕

穿上復古橙色太空壓力服,以及能開合的白色頭盔,再加上身上細緻塗妝的太空裝備,Major Tom已準備好他的太空探索旅程了!🚀

How can we missed the works from our Thai Designer Nattapong Atisup? We will be bringing everyone the original colour of the astronaut Major Tom - Space Odyssey Edition!

The retro-orange suit and white helmet, with detailed painting on equipments, Major Tom is ready for his space exploration!


Major Tom — 太空漫遊版本
+Artist:Nattapong Atisup


🌟Product Information🌟

Major Tom - Space Odyssey Edition
+Artist:Nattapong Atisup

Size: 8CM tall
Material: Soft vinyl
Retail price: HKD$320
Made in China
Manufacturer: TOYZEROPLUS

    About the Artist



    Thai artist, Nattapong Atisup has been developing his own brand “Thrilled Toy” over the 6 years with his passion on resin toys. Loves to include skeleton into his design and especially for “Major Tom” the little astronaut with a skeleton face, is definitely his iconic work.

    Major Tom is an astronaut who travels in space. Escaped from the Star of Death, he hoped to find a new planet to start with a new life. One day, his spaceship crashed and he fell into an abandoned planet. Lack of food and water and there was totally no way out, unfortunately, Major Tom died. Although Major Tom’s story is pity and sad, his bravery and adventurous spirit definitely deserve our appreciation!

    泰國設計師 Nattapong Atisup,六年間發展個人品牌「Thrilled Toy」,一直積極製作手作的樹脂玩具,特別喜歡在設計上加入骷髏骨的元素,由其是骷髏骨模樣的小太空人 — Major Tom 成為了個人代表作。

    Major Tom是一個遊走宇宙的小太空人,他從 Star of Death(「死亡星」)逃出,希望能找到新的星球重新生活。可惜在一次旅途中,Major Tom 的太空船撞壞了,跌落了一個荒廢無人的星球。Major Tom 在缺乏食水及無路可逃的情況下,不幸離開了。雖然故事令人傷感,但他的勇敢和冒險精神絕對值得我們欣賞!