Artist: Pang
Lovely rabbit Ngaew Ngaew always love spending leisure time with NGEAW and NGUI at home. They have unlimited creative ideas in their mind. Sometimes they have fun, while sometimes they get angry with each others. They all believe that it is always better together!

Product name: NGAEW NGAEW Blind Box Set
Artist: PANG
Styles: Each set includes 3 pcs of figures:
1 rabbit NGAEW NGAEW, 1 dino NGEAW and 1 wolf NGUI.
Customers will have chance to get the secret version of rabbit NGAEW NGAEW, the normal version will then be replaced.

Size: Dino NGEAW 67mm tall; Rabbit NGAEW NGAEW 65mm tall; Wolf NGUI 59mm tall
Material: Vinyl
Packaging size: W124 x H156 x D60mm

Product Price: HKD300 | RMB280 | NTD1,200 | USD38
Expected delivery period: Late July 2022 - Early August 2022 

About the Artist

NGAEW NGAEW is a lovely character designed by a Thailand artist Pang. Ngaew Ngaew, a pink little rabbit with small teeth, always providing people positive energy. Ngaew Ngaew always enjoy spending time with friends.

來自泰國的設計師 Pang,十分擅⻑設計各個可愛的小怪獸⻆色。NGAEW NGAEW 正是她設計的一個經典⻆色。一隻掛着小牙齒的粉紅色兔子,樣子可愛,總是帶給粉絲能量。她身邊也有很多個性鮮明的好朋友。