Bloofus & Baby Rudy


Bloofus是體型巨大、頭上長著雙角的怪獸。他有一顆彩虹般美麗的心,想為你的臉掛上微笑。這次,Bloofus正要為我們介紹他的新朋友,可愛的Baby Rudy!

由TOY0+生產,+Artist “Mooncasket (Evangeline Chan)” 設計,Bloofus搪膠公仔全高13cm,有紅/藍兩個版本,另附有好朋友Baby Rudy的分拆配件。Bloofus & Baby Rudy現正於TOY0+官網接受預訂。

Bloofus is huge monster and with a pair of horns on his head, but he is not scary at all. In fact, he has a beautiful heart and makes people smile. And this time, Bloofus is introducing his new friend to us - adroble "Baby Rudy"!

Designed by Mooncasket (Evangeline Chan) and produced by TOY0+, Bloofus soft vinyl toy is 13cm tall and available in red/blue colour, with Baby Rudy as a separate accessory. Bloofus & Baby Rudy is now available to preorder on TOY0+ website.


Bloofus & Baby Rudy


🌟Product Information🌟

Bloofus & Baby Rudy
+Artist: Mooncasket

Size: 13CM tall
Material: Soft Vinyl
Retail price: HKD$480
Made in China
Manufacturer: TOYZEROPLUS

Artist: Mooncasket

About the Artist



Mooncasket (Evangeline Chan) is a designer and illustrator from Hong Kong who is popular for her cute and quirky character doodles. Wanting to spread her attitude of poking fun and not taking things so seriously, Mooncasket created her kooky monster craze, which is inspired by her every day surrounding and 80-90s cartoon obsession. With the style of bold illustrations outlined in black with a balance of slightly dark and playful imagery, Mooncasket delivers her art with strong impression and reputation.

Throughout the years, Mooncasket participated in a great variety of exhibitions and events. The most well known ones would be her collaborations with House of Vans Hong Kong, which included different types of activities like live painting and street market. Other campaigns would be HKWalls Print Exhibition, Arist Meet & Greet by Cotton On, (y)ours J-01 Gallery, etc.

Mooncasket (Evangeline Chan)是一名香港設計及插畫師,憑著以暗黑為主的大膽插圖風格及古怪而可愛的人物塗鴉聞名。而她創作的怪獸堆俏皮又幽默,一直給人深刻的印象,靈感來自日常生活和80-90年代的西方漫畫風格。Mooncasket盼能鼓勵人們別把所有事情都看得那麼嚴肅和認真,並藉此傳播玩樂和放鬆的正能量。

近年,Mooncasket的創作現身於多項展覽和活動。最為人知的是跟潮牌House of Vans Hong Kong的合作,如現場繪畫和街頭市場。其他活動為HKWalls Print Exhibition, Arist Meet & Greet by Cotton On, (y)ours J-01 Gallery等。