Rainbow Dots Hosuke Bro & Baby Hosuke Set


🌈Rainbow Dots Hosuke Bro & Baby Hosuke Set🌈
+Artist: Robin Tang Antics
💰Set Price: HKD890

Hosuke Bro from outer space has officially landed by your side☄️ He brings the most beautiful colors of the rainbow planet.Rainbow Dots Hosuke Bro has strong arms to help everyone chase away the sorrows in life!Hosuke Bro also has a kind heart and delightful colorful appearance, injecting happy rainbow energy into life.

🌈Rainbow Dots Hosuke Bro🌈
💰Price: HKD715
📌Material: Soft Vinyl
📌Size: ~10.5CM tall

Two alien fingers touch each other, and a rainbow appears behind them 🖼 The first thing Hosuke Bro did when he came to Earth was to search for his precious Baby Hosuke🌏 He transferred the rainbow energy from his body to Baby Hosuke's body. Baby Hosuke, the rainbow-colored baby who was touched by Hosuke Bro's happiness, exudes a lively and dynamic energy☀️️ Together with Hosuke Bro, they bring double the good luck energy🍀

🌈Rainbow Dots Baby Hosuke🌈
💰Price: HKD175
📌Material: Soft Vinyl
📌Size: ~6.5CM tall

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