PP Baby - Daruma Edition



One day, PP Baby found a lollipop in a Japanese temple. He licked it and his dinosaur costume has turned into red & blue colours! Turned out that he has been chosen by the God to be a “Daruma Baby”, to guard and protect others! However, he still insisted to write the words “バカ" (In Japanese means silly.) on his T-shirt...


PP Baby 屁屁寶寶 - 達摩寶寶


🌟Product Information🌟

PP Baby - PP Daruma Baby
+Artist: AAAZ

Size: 9.5CM tall
Material: Soft vinyl
Retail price: HKD$480
Made in China
Manufacturer: TOYZEROPLUS

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Artist: AAAZ

    About the Artist

    As both an illustrator and tattoo artist, “大A" is not just a fan of graphic design but also handcrafting. "AAA-Z" is the brand she created and because of her curiosity of different materials, she always tries new things in her designs and creations.

    All the kids out there want to be superheroes, but he’s just a baby who want to be a monster. Didn’t care much on what it was written on the T-shirt, which "バカ" means “silly” in Japanese, he just dressed in what he liked to be. Introducing PP Baby by AAAZ.


    別的小朋友都想當英雄,他卻只想當怪獸的一個BABY。毫不在意的穿著寫上「バカ」(日語意思:白痴)的T-shirt,打扮成此刻想成為的樣子。他是AAAZ的PP Baby。