PP BABY Vintage Key Chain (Emerald green version)


有想過可以把PP BABY收藏並掛著隨身攜帶嗎?

恐龍頭套縮小為大約3CM高的萌萌尺寸,PP BABY更加是首次以透明的材質示人!較為隨意的上色風格,不會讓你看到顏色之間明顯的分佈,加上低調的複古金銅匙和菱形吊牌、以牛皮紙質感的”火柴盒”包裝,懷舊感瞬間UP!

PP BABY has turned into a vintage key chain!

His dinosaur hood has shrunk to a 3cm cute size, and this is the first time to see PP BABY in transparent material! The coloring style is a bit casual so you will not see the obvious distribution of colors. With also a retro gold copper key chain and diamond-shaped tag, it is packed in a “matchbox” with kraft paper texture.


PP BABY復古掛飾 (寶石綠版本)

材質:搪膠 / 金屬
包裝尺寸:~8CM x4.5CM x 3.5CM
商品產地: 中國大陸


PP BABY Vintage Key Chain (Emerald green version)
+Artist: AAAZ

Size: ~7.5CM tall
Material: Soft vinyl / Metal
Packaging type: Paper box
Packaging size: ~8CM x4.5CM x 3.5CM
Price: HKD100
Made in China
Manufacturer: TOYZEROPLUS

Expected delivery period: Late June 2021
Artist: AAAZ

    About the Artist

    Came from Guangzhou, AAAZ is both an illustrator and tattoo artist. She is not just a fan of graphic design but also handcrafting. “AAA-Z” is the brand she created and because of her curiosity of different materials, she always tries new things in her designs and creations.

    Recently, she has been collaborating with TOYZEROPLUS, a toy brand from Hong Kong, which has started her journey in the art toy industry by her first designer toy “PP BABY”. 


    AAAZ近年更跟香港玩具品牌TOYZEROPLUS合作,以個人的首隻設計師玩具「PP BABY」開始踏足潮流玩具界。