PP BABY Boxing Night (Tiger Boy VS Green Lightning)


Artist: AAAZ
Boxing is a popular sport in PP BABY’s world. The new boxing season is about to begin, and everyone’s eyes on the game between Tiger Boy and Green Lightning!

Coming from a neighboring country, Tiger Boy wears a tiger hood with four sharp eyes. Rumor has it that his hands really have sharp tiger claws! In order to avoid carelessly injuring people and objects around him, he wears a pair of thick gloves all the time. The two mysterious scars on Tiger Boy’s face hide an unknown story of him. He is calm, decisive and patient, at the same time having a strong explosive force.

Green Lightning is energetic and he is the youngest player in the game, and a fresh blood in the boxing world! Born in an excellent boxing family, he has been learning from the most famous coach since he was a child. He was dug out with amazing speed and agility. His movements in the ring are as fast as lightning bolts which he could immediately KO others when the audience couldn’t keep up, too! That is why he is greatly named as “Green Lightning”.

Product Information
PP BABY Boxing Night (Tiger Boy VS Green Lightning)
+Artist: AAAZ
Included: PP BABY Tiger Boy x 1 + PP BABY Green Lightning x 1 + Horu Horu x 1 + Ticket pin x 1
Size: PP BABY ~9cm tall, Horu Horu ~4.3cm tall, Ticket pin ~3.6cm long
Material: Soft vinyl / zinc alloy
Packaging type: Paper box
Packaging size: ~21.5cm x 17cm x 9.5cm

Expected delivery period: Early December to Mid December

About the Artist

Came from Guangzhou, AAAZ is both an illustrator and tattoo artist. She is not just a fan of graphic design but also handcrafting. “AAA-Z” is the brand she created and because of her curiosity of different materials, she always tries new things in her designs and creations.

Recently, she has been collaborating with TOYZEROPLUS, a toy brand from Hong Kong, which has started her journey in the art toy industry by her first designer toy “PP BABY”. 


AAAZ近年更跟香港玩具品牌TOYZEROPLUS合作,以個人的首隻設計師玩具「PP BABY」開始踏足潮流玩具界。