PP Baby the Clown



平常我們在派對上見到的小丑都是笑著扭氣球,哄小朋友開心,但是這隻小丑PP BABY,竟然最討厭的就是派對!只是每次他也會盡本份完成小丑的工作;孩子想看魔術就立馬空手變出兩朵玫瑰花、想看雜耍就騎車玩球.. 可是PP BABY早已對這些把戲感到沒趣了!偶爾,他還會成為派對破壞者,用叉子「嘭」一聲戳破氣球,把天真的孩子們弄哭,結果被罵一通!

4月1日就是愚人節,小丑PP BABY已經準備好跟大家一起整蠱身邊的朋友!這次隨了配上紅鼻子、煲呔和氣球等配件外,還贈送十分可愛的貼紙!有人也喜歡PP BABY不屑的樣子嗎?

“I’m just a clown work for money!”

We normally see clowns laughing and twisting balloons to make children happy during parties. In contrast, PP BABY the Clown hates all the parties! Just it’s that everytime he gets his job duties done. He performs interesting magic and balloon juggling when the kids ask him to, but PP BABY is already bored with these tricks! Sometimes, he will also become a party destroyer, using a fork to pop all the balloons, “Boom!” and scaring the kids away!

It’s April Fool’s Day soon and PP BABY the Clown is ready to play jokes on your friends with you! Along with accessories such as the red nose, bow-tie, balloons and sticker!

小丑PP Baby
+Artist: AAAZ

尺寸: 9.5CM高
物料: 搪膠
價錢: HKD$480

配件: 紅鼻子 x 1 + 煲呔 x 1 + 氣球 x 2 + 小丑PP BABY貼紙 x 1
商品產地: 中國大陸

預計發貨期: 4月初到4月中

Product Information
PP Baby the Clown
+Artist: AAAZ

Size: ~9.5CM tall
Material: Soft vinyl
Price: HKD$480

Accessories: Red nose x 1, Bow tie x 1, Balloon x 2, PP Baby the Clown sticker x 1
Made in China
Manufacturer: TOYZEROPLUS

Expected delivery period: Early April to Mid April

*Each person could buy at most 1pc*

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Artist: AAAZ

    About the Artist

    As both an illustrator and tattoo artist, “大A" is not just a fan of graphic design but also handcrafting. "AAA-Z" is the brand she created and because of her curiosity of different materials, she always tries new things in her designs and creations.

    All the kids out there want to be superheroes, but he’s just a baby who want to be a monster. Didn’t care much on what it was written on the T-shirt, which "バカ" means “silly” in Japanese, he just dressed in what he liked to be. Introducing PP Baby by AAAZ.


    別的小朋友都想當英雄,他卻只想當怪獸的一個BABY。毫不在意的穿著寫上「バカ」(日語意思:白痴)的T-shirt,打扮成此刻想成為的樣子。他是AAAZ的PP Baby。